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Takata ordered to preserve defective air bag inflators, give NHTSA all testing data for Federal investigation

February 25: Preservation order requires Takata to keep all air bag inflators removed through the recall process as evidence for both NHTSA’s investigation and private litigation cases. Details

NHTSA seeks new enforcement tools from Congress to protect consumers renting vehicles or buying used cars

February 20: Would require rental agencies, used car dealers to fix defects before renting or selling vehicles subject to a recall. Also, Takata fined for failing to fully cooperate with NHTSA. Details

NHTSA announces follow-up recall for 2.12 million cars, SUVs because fixes from previous recall not working

January 31: This recall of Acura, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Pontiac, and Toyota vehicles is for defect that may cause airbags to deploy inadvertently. Details | What consumers need to know and do

Honda fined $70M for not reporting deaths, injuries

Following a NHTSA investigation, Honda has agreed to pay two $35 million civil penalties for failing to report deaths, injuries, and certain warranty claims. NHTSA issued more fines in 2014 than in its entire history. Details

>> Consent Order | Audit report (pdf) | Honda response (pdf)

NHTSA seeks national recall of defective drivers' air bags

Unless Takata and the involved manufacturers agree to this recall, NHTSA will use its full statutory powers to ensure vehicles that use the same or similar air bag inflator are recalled. Details | Information for owners on the Takata recalls
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NHTSA Unveils New, Free, Online Search Tool for Recalls Using Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Has your recalled car been repaired?

Your VIN and our free online search tool can quickly tell you if a recalled vehicle still needs to be fixed. Details
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