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NHTSA is the federal government agency with the authority to regulate the manufacture of automotive adaptive equipment and modified vehicles used by persons with disabilities.

Consumer Information

Adapting Motor Vehicles for People With Disabilities (HTML) (also available in PDF)
A Proven Process for Gaining Freedom on the Road. The introduction of new technology continues to broaden opportunities for people with disabilities to drive vehicles with adaptive devices. Taking advantage of these opportunities, however, can be time consuming and, sometimes, frustrating.

Transporting Students With Special Needs
The Traffic Safety Digest lists school bus programs that have been administered across the nation. Learn about project characteristics, state and size of jurisdiction and targeted populations. This link, the Fall 1997 issue, highlights a program in Iowa for transporting students with special needs.

Search Adapted Vehicle Modifier Identification Database
Certain motor vehicle repair businesses make significant modifications to vehicles specifically to accommodate persons with disabilities. Businesses that do so generally need to assure that the vehicle continues to comply with the FMVSS except under specified circumstances identified in 49 CFR Part 595, Exemption From the Make Inoperative Prohibition. Modifiers that use these exemptions must affix a label to each affected vehicle stating that it may no longer comply with all FMVSS, and must identify themselves to NHTSA. This database contains selected information submitted by those businesses to us. NHTSA does not approve motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment items, nor does the agency endorse any commercial products or vendors.

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