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Seat Belt Use Demonstration Projects

In 2005, NHTSA’s Region 4, which includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, held a two-week television and radio advertisement campaign, Buckle Up in Your Truck (BUIYT), to encourage pickup truck drivers to buckle up, which immediately preceded Click It or Ticket (CIOT) media and enforcement. BUIYT was an intense advertisement and enforcement campaign designed to increase seat belt use among pickup truck occupants and immediately precedes the national CIOT high-visibility seat belt enforcement mobilization. In 2006, the BUIYT program added one week of enforcement immediately following the advertising campaign and immediately preceding the CIOT enforcement period. Unlike 2005, when there were two weeks of CIOT enforcement, in 2006 there was an additional week of BUIYT enforcement (concurrent to the first week of CIOT advertisement campaign) and two weeks of CIOT enforcement.

The combined BUIYT and CIOT campaign increased overall belt use in all States. Increases were achieved in both primary and secondary law states. Awareness of the campaign was high, especially among the target group. Belt use among occupants in pickup trucks improved more compared to overall occupants across the region. The added week of enforcement and the strong enforcement message during the 2006 BUIYT campaign seemed to contribute to the positive effects observed. Enforcement activity, such as measured by number of citations, was comparable to the rest of the nation, but that was conducted over a longer period of time (three weeks versus two weeks). The combined effort of BUIYT and CIOT likely contributed to the success of this campaign.



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