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Seat Belt Use Demonstration Projects

A two-year initiative, commencing January 2006 and ending in December 2007, was developed to address the challenge of increasing seat belt use within the NHTSA Region 7 (formerly known as Central Region) States of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, and especially among pickup truck occupants. Pickup truck occupants are one of the lowest belt use rate categories nationally and in the region. This group consists mainly of young men, 18 – 34 years of age. This two year project was a partnership with the Central Region States and their partners along with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Central Region and Headquarters offices.

The goal was to increase the perception of the public, especially the target audience of young men 18 – 34 years occupying pickup trucks, that law enforcement is actively writing safety belt tickets in their communities so they should buckle up to avoid getting a ticket.



Region 8 (CO, NV)

Nighttime Seat Belt Use
Region 10 (WA)

Pickup Truck Projects
Region 4 (Southeast)
Region 6 (South Central)
Region 7 (Central)

Rural Initiatives
Region 4 (FL, GA, TN)
Region 5 (Great Lakes)
Region 7 (KS, MO)
Region 8 (ND, WY)

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