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Rural Seat Belt Initiative in the Great Lakes Region

Seat Belt Use Demonstration Projects

To effectively address the challenge of increasing seat belt use among vehicle occupants in rural areas, a two year multi-state Rural Demonstration Program (RDP) in the Great Lakes Region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) was created in January 2005 and included three critical components:

1) Targeted outreach and media campaign,
2) High visibility enforcement effort, and
3) Quantifiable evaluation component.

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Multi-State Low Belt Use Project (North Dakota and Wyoming)

Seat Belt Use Demonstration Projects

In 2005, NHTSA provided 2 year funding to North Dakota and Wyoming to coordinate seat belt campaigns in targeted priority counties that were identified as having the greatest potential to make an impact on the overall statewide seat belt usage rate. The approaches used in both states included strong community outreach and education efforts with an intensive targeted media campaign combined with high-visibility enforcement. Both projects included a scientific evaluation of the activities conducted and results.

In 2005, the statewide belt usage rate was 76.3%. Wyoming’s belt usage rate rose from 61.2% at the start of their activities (2006) to 72.2% at the conclusion of the project.

In 2007, North Dakota’s overall statewide usage rate increased to the highest rate recorded in the state, 82.2%.

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Raising Seat Belt Use in Rural Areas (Kansas and Missouri)

Seat Belt Use Demonstration Projects

This two-year demonstration project (2008-2010) will work to prevent injuries and fatalities by raising seat belt use among drivers and passengers in Kansas and Missouri, two primarily rural states with low belt use (state belt use below the national average). The project will include a comprehensive education, media and enforcement program, focusing on low belt use selected counties having the greatest potential for increasing seat belt use statewide. The two states will utilize their own initiatives as well as draw upon the successful strategies utilized in other similar type projects.

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