Seat Belt Use Demonstration Projects

In 2006 NHTSA’s Region 6 (South Central), which includes Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, completed a three-year demonstration project to increase seat belt use titled Buckle Up In Your Truck (BUIYT). This project entailed a two-week advertisement campaign immediately before the annual Click It or Ticket (CIOT) Mobilization in May when police conducted special high-visibility seat belt enforcement campaigns. In 2004, the BUIYT advertisement campaign bought television and radio spots to encourage non-belt-users in pickup trucks to buckle up. The first-year ads stressed the usefulness of seat belts in dangerous roll-over-type crashes. All five States switched to an enforcement-centered script starting with the 2005 BUIYT campaign and all five committed more effort toward outreach that delivered a strong enforcement message.

Belt use in pickup trucks improved in all five States with the greatest gains in the States that started with the lowest rates. Safety-themed pickup truck messages preceded the normal enforcement-centered CIOT for the 2004 mobilization. That changed, beginning in 2005, when enforcement-centered pickup truck advertisements were coupled with enforcement-centered CIOT advertisements. Although the seat belt use rate for cars and pickup trucks increased region-wide, the 8-percent gap between the pickup truck seat belt rate and the overall vehicle seat belt use rate has not changed.



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