Seat Belt Use Demonstration Projects

To effectively address the challenge of increasing seat belt use among vehicle occupants in rural areas, a two year multi-state Rural Demonstration Program (RDP) in the Great Lakes Region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) was created in January 2005 and included three critical components:

1) Targeted outreach and media campaign,
2) High visibility enforcement effort, and
3) Quantifiable evaluation component.

The region-wide approach was tailored predominately to residents in selected rural areas within the Great Lakes Region. The project complements the national "Click It or Ticket" (CIOT) mobilizations and launched its first campaign in May 2005. The second mobilization took place in collaboration with the Region’s Operation CARE Thanksgiving 2005 holiday mobilization November 23 - 27, 2005. The third and final campaign was completed in May 2006, having immediately preceded the national CIOT campaign.

During the RDP, States that had intensified enforcement had significant increases in usage in their rural targeted areas. Generally, belt usage did not increase unless enforcement was present. During CIOT, States that had intensified enforcement during the RDP showed substantially greater overall statewide gains than States that had not intensified enforcement during RDP.



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