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Webinar II Questions and Answers

Q. How do you keep volunteers active and engaged in your coalition over the long-term?
A. You need to let your volunteers see the results of their work, that what they are doing is making a difference in their communities. Establish a way of consistently and frequently conveying this information to your volunteers and other stakeholders. Re-enforce recent project and initiatives and update them on data to keep them motivated. Make sure they are getting something out of it and their duties reflect their personal passions.

Q. How long does it take to see successful results from a coalition?
A. The minute you have a coalition member attend the first meeting, you are on the right track and on the road to success. Since community traffic safety is about saving as many lives as possible, it might just take saving one life at a time. Always celebrate your successes, regardless of how big or small they seem.

Q. What is tracking you coalition so important?
A. Tracking successes and challenges are critical to continuing with a successful program, making updates to outdated methods, or implementing new and different approaches. Use data to your benefit, and effectively understanding the data so that you are able to save the most lives.

Q. We have identified data and counties identified for building a coalition. What is the next step to beginning and building a coalition? What should we talk about at our first coalition meeting?
A. Here are some things to keep in mind when beginning and building a coalition:
     • Identify challenges in your community and provide data to other stakeholders
     • Reach out to those you know, and print out flyers to distribute
     • Establish your partners, and continue to grow your coalition
     • Create a strategic plan for your coalition
     • Reach out to communities interested in joining your coalition, request they join and tell them how they will benefit your team.
     • Tie your cause to the cause of others so that you have members who are passionate and genuinely interested in your efforts.
     • Celebrate all successes, regardless of how big or small
     • In your first meeting, discuss:
            What you will call your coalition?
            What will you focus on?
            What will you tackle first?
            Identify your mission statement
            Bring local or regional experts who can offer insights and resources to your community

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