Webinar I Questions and Answers

Q. Where do I go to access the Community Traffic Safety Resource Center?
A. You can access the Community Traffic Safety Resource Center from the NHTSA site: www.nhtsa.gov. Once you have accessed the NHTSA Home Page, you will find a link for Community Traffic Safety on the dropdown list of the Driving Safety tab located at the top of the page, by clicking Driving Safety and then on the left navigation menu pane, navigate to Community Traffic Safety. You can also click the Driving Safety tab and then on the Driving Safety page, look at the bottom left of the page and click the Community Traffic Safety orange icon.

Adding Community Traffic Safety as a link on your web site
The link for adding Community Traffic Safety to your page is www.nhtsa.gov/communitytrafficsafety. Access the Resource Center Home Page here: Community Traffic Safety Resource Center.

Q. How does my coalition submit pictures, success stories, fresh ideas and other information to the Resource Center to be displayed on the Site or shared with other regions and coalitions?
A. Click the “Resource Center” link on the home page to open a draft e-mail to the Resource Center, or e-mail safe.communities@dot.gov. You may ask questions, send material and success stories, or request free products from the Resource Center through this contact.

Q. What are Fresh Ideas?
A. Fresh Ideas are a cost-effective way of sharing tried and true information, campaigns, and practices with other coalitions. For example: Region 4 collected sponsors, hosted a “Mocktails” contest, and collected recipe books from the winners to distribute to the community.
Find out more here: Fresh Ideas

Q. On the Mobilizations and Crackdowns page, is there a way to access the Traffic Safety Marketing site?
A. Yes, when you access the Mobilizations and Crackdown page of the Resource Center, you can click on the links of the Upcoming Mobilizations Campaigns, which will refer you to the Traffic Safety Marketing site, from the NHTSA page. On the Home Page of the Resource Center, under the right navigation tool bar, you can access a direct link to the Traffic Safety Marketing site.
Access the latest NHTSA Mobilizations and Crackdowns here: Mobilizations and Crackdowns