Beginning Level for Adult English Language Learners

The Walk and Bike Safely curriculum is designed specifically for use by teachers and volunteers working with adult immigrants who are beginning English language learners.  It consists of a teacher's guide, a student workbook, and two audio segments for student practice.

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The program conveys key safety messages while learning English. The safety messages teach behaviors that can enhance safety when walking and bicycling and encourage students to share and apply these behaviors with their children and other family members to help keep them safe.
Walk and Bike Safely

Walk and Bike Safely consists of six lessons. The first three focus on pedestrian safety and traffic signs, and the last three on bicycle safety. All contain messages relevant to both pedestrians and bicyclists, and to road safety in general.

While each lesson may be used independently, it is recommended that they be used sequentially. Each lesson presents different safety messages and key vocabulary items that are repeated and reinforced throughout the six lessons.

For learners at higher levels of English proficiency, a separate curriculum is also available: