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Note: Starting August 24, 2015, all manufacturers should contact NHTSA's Crash Data and Manufacturer Hotline using the e-mail or by calling 1-888-399-3277.

Prior to contacting the help desk, manufacturers are asked to review the regulatory and general reporting requirements within the following rules:

  • CFR 49 Part 565 (Vehicle Identification Number Guidance)
  • CFR 49 Part 566 (General Manufacturer Info – Reporting Requirements)
  • CFR 49 Part 551 (Foreign Manufacturer Guidance – Designation of an Agent for Service of Process)

Any questions relating to the following should be routed through NHTSA's Crash Data and Manufacturer Hotline.

  1. 49 CFR Part 551
  2. 49 CFR Part 565
  3. 49 CFR Part 566
  4. Manufacturers’ Information Database (MID)
      * Including Equipment Manufacturers
  5. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or VIN Correction Letters

All other questions (e.g., import certification, recalls reporting, early warning reporting, etc.) should be sent to the general NHTSA help desk, or to the specific contact points per discussions and/or direction from other NHTSA offices . Questions requiring a NHTSA specialist will be routed to the correct office through this process to ensure the correct person is involved with your request. Please give us a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks to get back to you about any inquiries that you have already submitted while we make this transition.

Publishing of material within the NHTSA Manufacturers’ Information Database (MID) may require additional input based on our review of the material. Please ensure that you build adequate review time into your submittal process prior to initiating production. At a minimum, manufacturers should plan for a 30-day review period for all submissions. Timing on approvals and postings could exceed this timeframe based on complexity of the submissions or any issues regarding its content.


FMVSS descending Part ascending Details Actions
49 CFR Part 512 TREAD: Confidential Business Information  
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