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49 CFR Part 571, 598 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Side Impact Protection; Side Impact Phase-In Reporting Requirements  
49 CFR Part 573, 574, 576, 579 Reporting of Information and Documents About Potential Defects; Retention of Records That Could Indicate Defects  
49 CFR Part 575 Stars on Cars: New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) Safety Labeling
A provision of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) requires new passenger vehicles to be labeled with safety rating information published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration under its New Car Assessment Program. NHTSA is required to issue regulations to ensure that the labeling requirements “are implemented by September 1, 2007.” This final rule is issued to fulfill that mandate.  

Final Rule

49 CFR Part 571 Theft Protection and Rollaway Prevention  

Extension of Comment Period on NPRM

49 CFR Part 575 Consumer Information Regulations; Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Rollover Resistance  
49 CFR Part 571, 572, 589 Head Impact Protection  
49 CFR Part 571 Occupant Crash Protection  

Final Rule

49 CFR Part 576 Recordkeeping and Record Retention  
49 CFR Part 565 Vehicle Identification Number Requirements  

Final Rule

Rear Visibility NCAP Request for Comment
This document requests public comment on the agency’s planned update to the U.S. New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). This update would enhance the program’s ability to recommend to motor vehicle consumers various vehicle models that contain rearview video systems that would substantially enhance the driver’s ability to avoid backover crashes.  

Request for Comment

49 CFR Part 301 Fuel System Integrity  
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