$34.5 M

$34.5 M

$34.5 M

$34.5 M

Program Purpose

Section 2006 of SAFETEA-LU establishes a new program of incentive grants (under Section 408 of chapter 4 of Title 23) to encourage States to adopt and implement effective programs to improve the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, uniformity, integration, and accessibility of State data that is needed to identify priorities for national, State, and local highway and traffic safety programs; to evaluate the effectiveness of efforts to make such improvements; to link these State data systems, including traffic records, with other data systems within the State; and to improve the compatibility of the State data system with national data systems and data systems of other States to enhance the ability to observe and analyze national trends in crash occurrences, rates, outcomes, and circumstances.  A State may use these grant funds only to implement such data improvement programs.


To qualify for a first-year grant, a State must demonstrate the following: 

  • An established multi-disciplinary highway safety data and traffic records coordinating committee;
  • A developed multi-year safety data and traffic records strategic plan, approved by the coordinating committee and containing performance-based measures;
  • Certify that the State has adopted and is using the model data elements determined by the Secretary to be useful, or certify that grant funds will be used toward adopting and using the most elements practicable.

To qualify for a subsequent-year grant, a State must:

  • Certify that an assessment or audit of the State traffic records system has been conducted or updated within the preceding 5 years;
  • Certify that the coordinating committee continues to operate and supports the multi-year plan;
  • Specify how the grant funds and any other funds of the State will support the multi-year strategic plan;
  • Demonstrate measurable progress toward achieving the goals and objectives identified in the multi-year plan; and
  • Submit a report, showing measurable progress in the implementation of the multi-year plan.

No State may receive a grant under this section in more than four years.  Those jurisdictions defined as “States” in chapter 4 of Title 23 are eligible to receive Section 411 funds; this includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


Authorizes $138 million over 4 years.  Each State that qualifies for a first-year grant receives the higher of a proportional amount based on Section 402 FY 2003 apportionments or $300,000.  Each State that qualifies for a second and subsequent year grant receives the higher of a proportional amount based on Section 402 FY 2003 apportionments or $500,000.  All grant amounts are subject to available funds.  States must demonstrate a maintenance of effort.

The Federal share of programs funded this section shall not exceed 80 percent. 

Any amounts remaining available under Sections 405, 410, and 411 may be transferred to the amounts made available under any other of these programs to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that each State receives the maximum incentive funding for which it is eligible.

Program Administration

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will administer this program.  In consultation with States and other appropriate parties, NHTSA will determine the model data elements necessary to observe and analyze national trends in crash occurrences, rates, outcomes, and circumstances.