Heavy Vehicle Retread Tires
Trucking fleets and owners of commercial vehicles (heavy and medium duty trucks) utilize both new and retread tires on their vehicles in the U.S. Retread tires are used primarily for the cost advantage they provide over a similar new tire. A retread is essentially a “used” tire, where the old tread is buffed off and the tire casing is fitted with a new tread package either through a mold cure or a pre-cure process. Public perception is that retread tires are less safe than new tires as evidenced by the amount of tire scraps frequently found on the side of most U.S. Interstate roads.

Research is being conducted to investigate the underlying causes of tire failures in heavy and medium duty trucks through an analysis of tire debris samples collected on interstate highways in five regions of the U.S. and to determine the extent of truck tire failures for retread tires. Also, this study aims to determine the crash safety problem associated with tire failures for heavy trucks.