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PURPOSE:   As part of the push to nurture proactive safety cultures, NHTSA is hosting a roundtable discussion with industry and other experts to facilitate the industry’s development and adoption of vehicle cybersecurity standards and best practices.
INVITEES:   Vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, technology companies, industry experts, security researchers and government agencies. Technology leaders that operate in other but related industries are also included.
FORMAT:   The day is structured around four key sessions. Each session will feature 8-10 experts on a panel. The panelists will discuss key questions around the four topic areas. There will also be Q&A with the audience.

Main Questions for the Panel(s) to Address:

The roles of distinct stakeholder groups (government, industry, others);
Best / most effective approaches in this domain (regulations, guidelines, voluntary industry standards, best practices, etc.);
Availability, applicability, and adoption of guidance from within and outside of the automotive industry;
Potential roadblocks to closing gaps or adopting available guidance for the industry;
Best ways to capitalize efforts from other environments while applying them to distinct aspects of auto industry; and
Policies, plans, and strategies appropriate to respond to the speed of change and challenges in cybersecurity.

Expected Outcomes: 

Input to identify actionable steps for the stakeholder groups to take such that the vehicle manufacturing industry can address the vehicle cybersecurity challenges effectively and expeditiously.



Walter E. Washington Convention Center 

801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001

Rooms 150 A & B



Tuesday January 19, 2016




Security level
  : Open to public
: Unclassified



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Washington, DC 20590
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