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Entree is a data entry and validation application, for the Microsoft Windows 7 platforms, developed for the express purpose of assembling data-rich crash test data sets. The NHTSA Office of Crashworthiness Research is making this software available to its contractors, test sites, and the public in order to facilitate the receipt, processing and exchange of this data.

Entree for Windows version 5 (V5.14.7.10) is released to the public !

This update support the following requested functionality:
  1. Business rules associated with x-y data are in effect. If the x-units field is not "SEC", such as in the case of another measurement type, the time increment will be automatically set to 0. If x-units field is "SEC" but the time increment is not constant, the time increment may now be manually set to 0.
  2. The "EVNT" sensor attachment had been previously excluded from vehicle test processing. This oversight was corrected.
  3. The Biomechanics table used to assign sensor attachments for biomechanics tests has been updated to allow the inclusion of sensor attachments measuring radians per second ("RPS").
  4. Two new dummy codes , "E2" for Eurosid-2 Dummy and "WS'" for WorldSID Side Impact Dummy, have been appended to occupant types.
  5. In the previous version of Entrée, manual inputs of channel information for vehicle tests was disabled. Imports of channel information were enabled. Both processing options are now enabled.

An individual download of version of the Microsoft Access Database, Ncodes.mdb, is now available. This database includes all the code tables used in Entree. To use this database with Entree, place the database file in the same directory as Entrée, this will replace the database file already in the Entrée's directory.


Entree for Windows version 5 - RELEASE VERSION : V5.14.7.10 (7/10/2014)

This is a Windows installer package (msi) file containing the application Entree V5. Create a temporary directory on your computer, download this file to that directory and run the file. The installation process will start automatically. Simply follow the setup instructions and after the setup has completed successfully, you can delete the temporary directory and any files it contains.

This is the release version of Entree for Windows v5 (V5.14.7.10), including the help documentation and the codes database. To facilitate more frequent updating of the codes, a separate download of the database is necessary. The database download is identified as the Entrée's Microsoft Access Database entry of this page.

The application has been through extensive testing within NHTSA Research and Development and has been tested by a select group of external users.

All current users of Entree for Windows should upgrade to this version of the software, and discontinue the use of any prior version.

Entree for Windows version 5 - SOURCE
This is a ZIP archive of the latest Entree for Windows v5 sources. This material is provided only as an educational resource documenting the inner workings of Entree and the EV5 format. These sources are not suitable for inclusion in end-user developed applications.

Entree's Microsoft Access Database (NCODES.mdb) - Release v1.1.18.3 (7/10/2014)


Technical support for Entree is offered freely, but only as resources allow us to respond. Entree is an application under active development and change and we welcome feedback and suggestions on how we might improve the application.

Should technical support be required, please send postal mail to:

U.S. Dept. of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave SE
Washington, DC 20590

ATTN: Entree for Windows v5

Check back at this web site at regular intervals for announcements and updates to the program.

All reports to our technical support will receive some sort of response within two (2) business days. Bug reports and usability issues will be prioritized above new feature requests.