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Frontal Crash Protection
Speaker Title
Carl Ragland Development of Method for Evaluation Of Frontal Offset/Oblique Crash Test Conditions <pdf - 507KB>
Augustus Chidester Air Bag Crash Investigations <pdf - 2.03MB>
Augustus Chidester Real World Experience with Event Data Recorders
<pdf - 3.6MB>
Defects: Investigation and Analysis
Speaker Title
Kenneth Weinstein Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation Act <pdf - 1.23MB>
Thomas Cooper Defects: Investigation and Analysis <pdf - 3.01MB>
Speaker Title
Garrick J. Forkenbrock Effects of Stability Control on the Rollover Propensity of Two Sport Utility Vehicles - A Preliminary Investigation
<pdf - 3.07MB>
Garrick J. Forkenbrock Automated Steering Reversals and Pulse Braking Performed at Maximum Roll Angle <pdf - 2.92MB>
W. Riley Garrott A Progress Report on Development of a Dynamic Rollover Rating Test <pdf - 744KB>
Stephen M. Summers Rollover Crashworthiness Research <pdf - 1.84MB>
Child Passenger Safety
Speaker Title
Stanley H. Backaitis Ten-Year-Old Child Test Dummy <pdf - 1.92MB>
Nathaniel Beuse Child Restraint Rating-Research and NCAP Testing
<pdf - 45KB>
Catherine Gotschall NHTSA's Draft Child Restraint System Safety Plan
<pdf - 256KB >
Brian T. Park Child Restraint Systems in Frontal Barrier Test
<pdf - 1.93MB >
Linda McCray Existing and Future U.S. Child Restraint Safety Standards <2.24MB >
Matthew R. Maltese ES-2 Biofidelity and Injury Assessment Capability
Side Impact: EuroSID-2 Development and Test Results
<pdf - 1.24MB >
Speaker Title
Elizabeth Mazzae Device Related Distraction Measurement: Preliminary Findings and Research Challenges <pdf - 2.5MB >
Crash Avoidance: Tires, Brakes and Lighting
Speaker Title
Christina Morgan The Effectiveness of Retroreflective Tape on Heavy Trailers
<pdf - 200KB >
Joseph P. Scott Tire Standard Upgrade for Light Vehicles < 8.28MB >
Jeffrey M. Woods NCAP Braking - Consumer Braking Information
<pdf - 830KB >
Side Impact
Speaker Title
Aloke K. Prasad Evaluation of Injury Risk from Side Impact Air Bags
<pdf - 1.63MB >
Randa Radwan Samaha NHTSA Side Crash Protection Research
<pdf - 832KB >
Vehicle Compatibility
Speaker Title
Stephen M. Summers Vehicle Compatibility Research Program
<pdf - 7.8MB >

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