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Panel Discussion: Driver Distraction
October 20, 2004
Convergence Conference
Joseph N. Kanianthra, PhD, USDOT/NHTSA
Crashworthiness I: Rollover Crashworthiness
Monday Morning, May 10
Speaker Title
Donald T. Willke Status of NHTSA's Roof Crush Research
J. Stephen Duffy
(Transportation Research Center, Inc.)
Status of NHTSA's Ejection Mitigation Research
Child Passenger Safety
Monday Morning, May 10
Speaker Title
Jesse Swanson,
Brian Park
Child Occupant Protection in 35 mph Frontal NCAP tests
Crashworthiness II: Side/Compatibility
Tuesday Morning, May 11
Speaker Title
Randa Radwan Samaha NHTSA Side Crash Protection Program
Crashworthiness III: Frontal/Compatibility
Tuesday Morning, May 11
Speaker Title
Stephen Summers NHTSA's Compatibility Research Program
Crash Avoidance II: Handling & Stability
Tuesday Afternoon, May 11
Speaker Title
Garrick J. Forkenbrock ESC and Handling - NHTSA's Program Plan for 2004
Data Applications for Crash Avoidance and Crashworthiness Issues
Wednesday Morning, May 12
Joseph S. Carra, PhD Data Report of the Integrated Project Team
John Brophy EDR: Developments and Challenges - Government Perspective
Chip Chidester Large Truck and Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Studies
Tim Fahey NCSA Web Site: Accessing Data
Crash Avoidance III: Braking, Tires, TPMS
Wednesday Morning, May 12
Speaker Title
Jonathan Mueller Electronically Controlled Brake Systems Field Operational Test (ECBS FOT)
James D. MacIsaac, Jr. Interim Update - NHTSA Tire Aging Test Development Project
ITS Crash Avoidance Technologies
Wednesday Afternoon, May 12
Speaker Title
Michael Perel Minimizing the Distraction-Related Crash Risk from In-Vkehicle Technologies

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