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SAE Government/Industry Meeting
May 8, 2006
Kerrin Bressant
Strategy for Assessing the Safety Impact of Advanced Crash Avoidance
Louis V. Lombardo
Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance System (CICAS-V) to Avoid Violations at Stop Signs & Signals

SAE Government/Industry Meeting
May 9, 2006
Michael L, Sword (Transportation Research Center, Inc.) NHTSA Research on Improved Restraints in Rollovers
Carl Ragland
Highlights and Changes in NHTSA's Real-World Data Collection for Rollover Crashes
Jeffrey Quandt
Defects: Then and Now
Ronald Medford
Industry and Government: Solving the Safety Challenge
John Finneran
FMVSS No. 138: Tire Pressure Monitoring System Compliance Test Program
Garrick J. Forkenbrock
An Overview of NHTSA's 2006 Light Vehicle ESC Research Program
Frank S. Barickman
Lane Departure Warning Systems
David L. Smith
NHTSA Compatibility Research Update

SAE Government/Industry Meeting
May 10, 2006
Shashi Kuppa
Frontal Crash Protection for Rear Seat Occupants
Linda McCray (NHTSA)
John Brewer (Volpe)
Kenneth Paciulan (Battelle)
Protection of Children in the Rear Seat in Real World Crashes

SAE Government/Industry Meeting
Arthur Carter
Vehicle Infrastructure Integration and Effectiveness of Vehicle Safety Communications Applications
Ana Maria Eigen (NHTSA)
Kennerly Digges (GW University)
An Update on Classification of Rollover Crashes
Ann Mallory
(Transportation Research Center, Inc.)
Jason Stammen
The Relationship Between Pedestrian Component Legform and Full Dummy Testing in Assessing Bumper Performance
James Saunders
NHTSA's Research Program for Adult Rear Occupants in Frontal Crashes

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