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SAE Government/Industry Meeting
May 14, 2007
Allison E. Louden
Development of Dummy-Based Seating Procedures
James Saunders
NHTSA Offset Frontal Program
Allison E. Louden
NHTSA Air Bag Out-of-Position Testing
George Gillespie
Counterfeit and Noncompliant Safety Equipment Tires, Wheels, and TPMS
Michael Cole
Counterfeit and Noncompliant Safety Equipment--Lighting Enforcement
Claudia Covell
Counterfeit and Noncompliant Safety Equipment--Motorcycle Helmets
Dennis Utter
Where the Increases are in Motorcycle Rider Fatalities
Linda Cosgrove
Historical Perspective of Motorcycle Helmet Laws
Diane E. Wigle
NHTSA Motorcycle Safety Program
SAE Government/Industry Meeting
May 15, 2007
Lauren Collins
(ACE Systems)
Trends in NCAP’s Side Air Bag Out-of-Position Testing Program
David Sutula
(NHTSA, Rulemaking Office, US DOT)
EDR Final Rule and Petitions for Reconsideration
H. Clay Gabler
(Virginia Tech – Wake Forest University)
Using EDR Data to Characterize Advanced Air Bag Performance
Marco Dasilva
(Volpe National Transportation Systems Center)
Engineering Analysis of EDR Data in NHTSA’s NASS CDS Database
Dan Rhule
Alena Hagedom
(Transportation Research Center Inc.)
Side Impact Child Dummy Development
Peter Martin
NHTSA’s THOR-NT Database
SAE Government/Industry Meeting
May 16, 2007
Reinhart Butter
(Industrial Design)
Advanced car Seating Restraint Systems
Elizabeth Mazzae
NHTSA’s Backover Crash Prevention Research
Vinay Nagabhushana
(George Washington Univ.)
Impact Risk for 1-8 Year Old Children on the Struck Side in a Lateral Crash
Predeep Mohan
(FHWA/NHTSA National Crash Analysis Center GWU)
Analysis of Compatibility Metrics in Frontal Collisions
Sanjay Patel
NHTSA Compatibility Crash Test Update
John Brewer
(Volpe National Transportation Systems Center)
Preliminary Estimates of Benefits in Front-to-Front Vehicle Compatibility
Michael L. Sword
(Transportation Research Center Inc.)
NHTSA Research on Improved Restraints in Rollovers
Michael L. Sword
(Transportation Research Center Inc.)
NHTSA Research on Occupant Restraint of Wheelchair Seated Drivers
Mark Scarboro
Low Delta V Crashes That Result in Serious Injury
John Harding
Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance
John J. Ference
Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety Systems Objective Test Scenarios
Kerrin Bressant
ACAT Safety Benefit Methodology Development
Joseph Kanianthra
Integrated Safety: Will Technologies Accelerate Safety Delivery

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