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SAE World Congress
April 2008
James Saunders
Relationship between Frontal Stiffness and Occupant Compartment Intrusion in Frontal Crash Tests
SAE Government / Industry Meeting
May 2008
John Brophy
Update on NHTSA Crash Data Collection of Event Data Recorders
Garrick J. Forkenbrock
Devin H. Elsasser
A Test Track Evaluation of Electronic Rollover Mitigation Technology
Jeffrey Giuseppe

NHTSA Outreach for Regulated Imported Safety Equipment
Kristin Kingsley
Utilizing Large Truck Crash Causation Data to Assess Countermeasure Effectiveness
Johnathan Koopmann
Bruce Wilson
Benefits of Vehicle Safety Communications CICAS-V and VSC-A
Clint Lindsay
Recommended Guidance and Best Importer Practices to Enhance the Safety of Imported Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment
Allison Louden
Lisa Sullivan
NHTSA's Initial Evaluation of Child Side Impact Protection
Allison Louden
Side Impact Crash Testing with the 50th Percentile Male WorldSID
Dan Rhule
Side Impact Child Dummy Development
James Saunders
Preliminary Results of NHTSA's Comparison of the Current Offset Deformable Barrier Specified in FMVSS No. 208 and the Progressive Deformable Barrier
David Sutula
January 14, 2008 - EDR Final Rule
Svenson (NHTSA),
Woodrooffe,et al (UMTRI)
Safety Benefits Methodology for RSC and ESC Systems in Commercial Vehicle Tractor Semi-Trailers
Michael Sword
NHTSA Research on Improved Restraints in Rollovers
Yi-Fang Tsai
Michael Perel
"How Difficult Can It Be?": Investigating Child Seat Installation Errors

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