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SAE Government / Industry Meeting
January 2010
John Campbell, Battelle Human Factors for the Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety Systems (IVBSS) Program
Chip Chidester, NHTSA Overview of NHTSA's Investigation Based Programs: NASS CDS, SCI and NMVCCS
Garrick Forkenbrock, NHTSA
A Preliminary Examination of Lane Keeping Support Systems
Jim Funke et al, NHTSA / Stratacomm Consumer Information Program Feasibility Study for Heavy Trucks
Rafaat Hanna, NHTSA The Contribution of Medical Conditions to Passenger Vehicle Crashes Using NMVCCS Data
Maurice Hicks, NHTSA CAFE Enforcement Programs for Footprint Calculations and Credit Tracking and Allocation
Thomas Kang, NHTSA Use of NASS CDS Data in Oblique Pole Side Impact Rulemaking
Allison Louden, NHTSA NHTSA Research on Restraint Performance in Dynamic Rollovers
Allison Louden , NHTSA NHTSA's Child Side Impact Protection Research Program
James MacIsaac, NHTSA Summary of NHTSA Tire Aging Test Development Research
Susan Meyerson et al, NHTSA/TRC NHTSA Pedestrian Testing with TRL and Flex-GTR Legforms and the Status of the GTR
Wassim Najm, Volpe Crash Avoidance and Advanced Safety Systems Division
Aloke Prasad, NHTSA Rear Seat Study
Paul Rau, NHTSA Simulator Study of Motorcycle Rider Braking Behavior
Stephen Ridella, et al NHTSA/FHWA, UVA An Analysis of Injury Type and Distribution of Belted, Non-ejected Occupants Involved in Rollover Crashes
James Saunders, NHTSA Evaluation of Small Overlap / Oblique Test Procedures
Mark Scarboro, NHTSA CIREN: Improved Injury Causation Coding Methods; An Initial Review
Rajesh Subramanian, NHTSA Better Understanding of the Spatial Extent of Motor Vehicle Fatalities Occurring in Rural Areas

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