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Description Version Date Win32 Binaries Documentation Source Code
SISAME-3D Applications 1.4.3 2006/01/31 Download Now Download Now Download Now
SISAME Applications 2.0.2 2003/10/10 Download Now Download Now Download Now
NHTSA Tools Applications and Library   2003/08/29 Download Now Download Now Download Now


  1. Install by unzipping each downloaded zip file from a chosen SISAME root directory, such as C:\SISAME. Preserve directory paths during unzip (this is the default with Info-ZIP's unzip).
  2. Add the SISAME bin\Win32 directory to the PATH environment variable.


The SISAME-3D Applications includes latest versions of SISAME-3D, SimFil, and VeCor. The SISAME-3D source is ANSI/ISO C++ compliant.

The SISAME Applications includes the latest versions of SISAME and SISAMEM, SimFil, and VeCor. The SISAME and SISAMEM source is ANSI/ISO C++ compliant.

The NHTSA Tools Applications perform generation, conversion, manipulation, analysis, and visualization of the NHTSA UDS signal files used by the SISAME applications. The NHTSA Tools Library is used by the Fortran-based NHTSA Tools, SimFil, and VeCor applications. The Tools.dll dynamic link library included in the Win32 binary distributions is required by those applications.

Version numbers have the form Major.Minor.Fix. Fix number increment releases include bug fixes and minor/user-transparent updates, but no significant feature changes.

The Win32 Binaries provided here require at least a Pentium 3 compatible CPU. Win32 binaries for other CPU classes may be available upon request.

Platforms directly supported by the source code generally include Win32 and Un*x/Linux. The cross-platform design facilitates ports to additional platforms. Binaries for these and other platforms may be available upon request.

SISAME models can be downloaded from the NHTSA SISAME Model Libraries.

Contact for support.


U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590
1-800-424-9153 (TTY)