Hybrid III 10-Year Old

Evaluation of the Hybrid III Ten-Year-Old Dummy

FMVSS No. 213 currently applies only to those child restraints for children weighing 50 pounds or less. However, studies have shown that children do not properly fit into the vehicle’s belt system until they weigh about 80 pounds. Further, an increasing number of child restraint manufacturers claim safe performance of some of their child restraints at weights beyond what is tested under FMVSS No. 213. The agency has been asked to consider using dummies weighing more than 50 lbs for compliance testing of these restraints. Currently, the Hybrid III 6-year old dummy weighs approximately 52 pounds.

In response to a growing concern for the safety of children, in the fall of 2000 the SAE began development of a dummy designed to represent the anthropometry of a ten-year-old child. The dummy, the Hybrid III 10-year-old child or HIII-10C, has been designed to weigh approximately 76 pounds with an estimated height of 4’6". Some of the key aspects of the dummy design include:

  • Adjustable lower lumbar that accommodates upright and slouched seating positions
  • Instrumented shoulders for measuring belt loads
  • Upper torso accommodates two IR-Traccs for measuring rapid rate sternum displacements

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the newly developed HIII-10C for its sufficiency as a test device for incorporation into Part 572 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). To accomplish this goal, the dummy will be subjected to various tests environments, including component and sled tests, and its responses will be evaluated for repeatability and reproducibility.