Hybrid III 6 Year Old

Description of Dummy Features
The shape and response of the Hybrid III Six-Year-Old Child (H-III6C) Dummy was scaled down from that of the Hybrid III 50th Percentile Male Dummy. However a number of additional features were then added to the H-III6C dummy to enhance its durability and utility for repeated use in evaluating risks to the out-of-position child in the airbag environment. Stronger steel ribs and rib stiffeners were included to improve the durability of the thorax. The performance of the dummy was enhanced to accommodate both the historically used potentiometer for measuring chest deflection and newly added accelerometers to the thoracic cavity. Within the thorax, the addition of rubber stops and additional clearance served to protect this instrumentation. The addition of upper and lower rib stops and a metal strip with recesses to hold each rib from pivoting about the sternum area permitted repeated measurements of the forward/aftward chest deflection characteristics. Modifications to the abdomen also provided additional clearance for travel of the chest deflection transducer arm, and control of dummy posture and flexion of the torso.

Comparison of Weight Table
Comparison of Weight, Sitting Height, and Stature for HYBRID III Family
  12 mo CRABI 3 YO Child 6 YO Child 5% Female 50% Male
Weight (lbs.) 22.0 34.1 51.6 108.0 172.3.0
Stature (in.) 29.4 37.2 45.0 59.1 69.0
Sitting Height (in) 18.9 21.5 25.0 31.0 34.8

Segmented Weights
Weight of Body Segments for the HYBRID III 6 Year Old
Part Weight (lb)
Head 7.66
Neck 1.20
Upper Torso 12.25
Lower Torso 13.75
Upper Arms (both) 2.10
Lower Arms and Hands (both) 2.74
Upper Legs (both) 6.40
Lower Legs and Feet (both) 5.50
Total Dummy Weight 51.60

Dimensions for the HYBRID III 6 Year Old
Dimension Description Specifications (in)
Head Circumference 20.5
Head Width 5.6
Head Length 6.80
Erect Sitting Height 25.0
Shoulder/Elbow 8.80
Elbow/Fingertip 12.25
Buttock/Knee Pivot 13.90
Knee Pivot/Floor Length 12.40
Stature (estimated) 44.90

Instrumentation Capabilities of the HYBRID III 6 Year Old
Instrumentation # of Channels
Head x, y, z accelerometers 3
T04 - accelerometers 3
Upper Sternum x, - accelerometers 1
Lower Sternum x, - accelerometers 1
Upper Spine Box x, - accelerometers 1
Lower Spine Box x, - accelerometers 1
Pelvis x, y, z -accelerometers 3
Thorax x, displacement - rotary potentiometer 1
Upper Neck x, y, z, forces and moments 6
Lower Neck x, y, z, forces and moments 6
Lumbar x, y, z, forces and moments 6
Anterior Superior Iliac Spine x 2, x,forces and moments 4
Femur x 2, z force or
x, y, z forces and moments
Total number of channels 48