Hybrid III 5th Percentile Female CONTENTS:

Description of Dummy Features The H-III5F dummy is essentially a scaled down version of the Hybrid III 50th (H-III50M) percentile dummy with several updated components to provide human-like range of motion and improve performance and durability in the air bag environment.

The H-III5F dummy's construction is configured to match the posture of a seated vehicle occupant to allow the user to replicate realistic driver and passenger positions , restrained and unrestrained, in environments with and without air bag deployment. The thorax contains several significant modifications including rib guides which limit upward and downward movement of the ribs, similar to those found in the H-III3C and H-III6C. The pelvis contains features which reduce the likelihood of submarining when tested in a 3-point belt environment. Mounted on each upper femur is a hard plastic bumper which limits the amount of hyperflexion of the femur and prevents metal-to-metal contact in extreme conditions. A rubber bumper mounted on the ankle limits the range of motion of the foot and prevents metal-to-metal contact between the foot and ankle. Also incorporated into the heel of the foot is an Ensolite pad which provides a degree of heel compliance.

Comparison of Weight Table

Comparison of Weight, Sitting Height, and Stature for HYBRID III Family
  12 mo CRABI 3 YO Child 6 YO Child 5% Female 50% Male
Weight (lbs.) 22.0 34.1 51.6 108.0 172.3.0
Stature (in.) 29.4 37.2 45.0 59.1 69.0
Sitting Height (in) 18.9 21.5 25.0 31.0 34.8

Segmented Weights
Segment and Assembly Weight of The HYBRID III 5th Percentile Female
Part Weight (lbs.)
Head 8.23
Neck 2.0
Upper Torso 26.5
Lower Torso 29.2
Upper Arms (both) 5.2
Lower Arms and Hands (both) 5.2
Upper Legs (both) 13.8
Lower Legs and Feet (both) 17.9
Total 108.03

External Dimensions for the HYBRID III 5th Percentile Female
Dimension Description Specifications (in)
Head Circumference 21.2
Head Width 5.6
Head Depth 7.2
Erect Sitting Height 31.0
Shoulder to Elbow 11.3
Buttock to Knee Length 21.
Knee Pivot Height 16.0
Stature - erect standing (estimated) 59.1

Instrumentation Capabilities of the HYBRID III -5th Percentile Female
Instrumentation # of Channels
Head CG x, y, z accelerometers 3
Thorax x, y, z accelerometers 3
Pelvis x, y, z accelerometers 3
Sternum - Upper, Middle, Lower x accelerometers 3
Spine - Upper, Lower, Middle x accelerometers 3
Thorax (Chest Deflection) x rotary potentiometer 1
Knee Slider* x linear potentiometer 1
Upper Neck x, y, z forces and moments 6
Lower Neck x, y, z forces x, y moments 5
Lumbar Spine x, y, z forces x, y moments 5
Thoracic Spine x, y, z forces x, y moments 5
ASIS* x, y forces and moments 2
Femur - 1 channel*# z force 1
Femur - 6 channel*# x, y, z forces and moments 6
Upper Tibia Load Cell* x, z forces x, y moments 4
Lower Tibia Load Cell* x, z forces x, y moments 4
Total number of channels 55
* indicates that right and left instruments are required
# the two femur load cells are mutually exclusive; if one is used, the other is excluded