The models in this library were developed on the Win32 platform using SISAME-3D. The extracted model characteristics can vary somewhat depending on the platform and version of the SISAME-3D applications used.

Analytic Models

These are simple analytic models to verify a SISAME-3D installation/port, for familiarization with SISAME-3D, and for experimenting with SISAME-3D modeling ideas or techniques.

Flywheel Axis-skewed flywheel textbook example
Pendulum Simple pendulum
Spinner Torsion and bending rotational "toy"
SymLink Symmetrically Link-constrained rotating disk
Top Spinning top

Frontal Full-Engagement Models

These are low-complexity frontal full-engagement impact models developed from vehicle-to-barrier (VTB) tests in the NHTSA vehicle crash test database. Multiple-event models are provided in addition to the models obtained from single test events.

Taurus Uniaxial model of 1990 and 1993 Ford Taurus