Vehicle Theft Prevention

  Remove your keys from the ignition and take your keys with you.

  Lock your vehicle.

  Never hide a second set of keys in your vehicle.

  Park in attended lots.

  If you park in an attended lot, leave only the ignition/door key.

  Park in well-lighted areas.

  Never leave your vehicle running, even if you will only be gone for a minute.

  Completely close all vehicle windows when parking.

  Do not leave valuables in plain sight.

  Park with your wheels turned towards the curb to make your vehicle more difficult to tow away.

  If your vehicle is rear-wheel drive, backing into your driveway will also make it more difficult for a thief to tow it away.

  Garage your vehicle if you have one and always remember to lock the garage door.

  Do not leave the registration or title in your vehicle.

  Always use your emergency brake when parking, which ensures safety and also makes it difficult for a thief to tow your vehicle away.

  Etch your vehicle identification number on car windows and major parts. This procedure makes vehicles and parts more easily traceable when stolen.

  Disable your vehicle when leaving it unattended for an extended period of time.

  Engrave expensive accessories like car stereos, cellular phones, compact disc changers, external speakers, etc., so that the thief will have difficulty disposing of them.

  Drop business cards, address labels or other identification inside vehicle doors to help assist law enforcement in identifying your vehicle or parts.

  Replace easily accessible door lock assemblies.

  Install an anti theft device or system on your vehicle as an extra deterrent measure.