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Federal/State Partnership

This partnership helps to cultivate States’ interest in odometer enforcement by providing financial
assistance, training/education, and investigative assistance.

Financial Assistance

An essential part of the partnership is generating interest in the enforcement of odometer fraud by providing financial assistance through the Cooperative Reimbursable Agreement. This agreement was implemented to provide Federal assistance to selected State agencies in support of their odometer fraud investigations and prosecutions. Those State agencies that have authority to enforce Federal and/or State odometer laws and regulations qualify for the one-year $30,000 Reimbursable Agreement to:

  • Conduct investigations and prosecutions;
  • File injunctions and recover damages for consumers;
  • Conduct studies to detect weaknesses in motor vehicle laws, titling regulations, etc.;
  • Increase awareness through educational programs; and
  • Sponsor/coordinate/participate in local, regional, and/or national conferences.

The Cooperative Agreement process begins October 1st of each year (start of the Federal Government’s fiscal year). However, States that qualify and are interested in applying may call (202-366-0444) or e-mail us ( at anytime; once five States are selected any additional applicants will be considered for the next fiscal year.


By request, the OFI staff members will conduct training on how to identify fraudulent documents and how to identify and investigate odometer fraud cases.

Investigative Assistance

The investigators assist State agencies with their investigations that may result in referral for Federal prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice.

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