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Part 1 Group 1 All Vehicles

Importation and Certification FAQ’s

Abbreviations used in these FAQs are defined as follows:

AAMVA American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
CPSC Consumer Products Safety Commission
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DOT United States Department of Transportation
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
MCO Manufacturer’s Certification of Origin
MSO Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NICB National Insurance Crime Bureau
OCC Office of Chief Counsel
OVSC Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance
RVIA Recreational Vehicle Industry Association
RI Registered Importer
RHD Right-Hand Drive
RV Recreational Vehicle
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
WMI World Manufacturer Identifier

Part 2 Group 2 Motorcycles and Scooters
Part 3 Group 3 Trailers and Heavy Trucks
Part 4 Group 4 Equipment
Part 5 Group 5 Import Eligibility Petitions
Part 6 Group 6 Motor Vehicle Exportation
Part 9 Appendix
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