Light Truck Fuel Economy Standard
Rulemaking (Model Years 2008-2011)



Notice of Proposed Rulemaking      HTML | PDF

The agency is proposing to establish corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards under a reformed system (Reformed CAFE) for MY 2008-2011.  Manufacturers would have the choice of complying with standards established under either the traditional system (Unreformed CAFE) or the Reformed CAFE system during a transition period spanning MY 2008-2010.  In MY 2011, manufacturer would comply with a Reformed CAFE standard.  Under Reformed CAFE, the Agency would set standards based on a vehicle attribute referred to as footprint.  Six different footprint categories are proposed and a separate average fuel economy target level would be set for each category.  Individual manufacturers would be required to comply with a single fuel economy level that would be based on the distribution of its production among the footprint categories in each particular model year.


Preliminary Regulatory Impact Analysis      HTML | PDF

This assessment examines the costs and benefits of improving the fuel economy of light trucks for model years (MY) 2008-2011. It includes a discussion of the technologies that can improve fuel economy, analysis of the potential impact on light truck retail prices, lifetime fuel savings and their value to consumers, safety, and other societal benefits such as improved energy security, reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.


Draft Environmental Assessment      HTML | PDF

The draft environmental assessment evaluates the potential environmental impacts associated with NHTSA’s proposed action to set Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards for model year 2008-2011 light trucks. This document describes the environment and resources that might be affected by the proposed light truck CAFE standards for model years 2008-2011, and assesses estimated impacts of alternative actions.


Request for Comment – Model Years 2008-2012      HTML | PDF

The agency has issued a Request for Comments to acquire new and updated information regarding vehicle manufacturers’ future product plans. This information will be used to assist the agency in analyzing the proposed light truck corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards for MY 2008 – 2011. The agency is seeking information that will help it assess the effect of the proposed standards on fuel economy, manufacturers, consumers, the economy, and motor vehicle safety


Request for Comment – Vehicle Information Templates      HTML | PDF

This document provides templates for the Request for Comments to facilitate the agency’s review of the information submitted by commenters.