Title 49: Chapter V - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Department of Transportation

Part 531 - Part 595

Subpart B— Other Regulations Relating To Transportation
Part 531: Passenger Automobile Average Fuel Economy Standards
Part 533: Light Truck Fuel Economy Standards
Part 541: Federal Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Standard
Part 555: Temporary Exemptions from Motor Vehicle Safety and Bumper Standards
Part 557: Petitions for Hearings on Notification and Remedy of Defects
Part 564: Replaceable Light Source Information
Part 565: Vehicle Identification Number Requirements
Part 566: Manufacturer Identification
Part 567: Certification
Part 568: Vehicles Manufactured in Two or More Stages
Part 569: Regrooved Tires
Part 570: Vehicle In Use Inspection Standards
Part 572:

Anthropomorphic Test Devices

Subpart B—50th Percentile Male
Subpart C—3-Year-Old Child
Subpart D—6-Month-Old Infant
Subpart E—Hybrid III Test Dummy
Subpart F—Side Impact Dummy 50th Percentile Male
Subpart G-H [Reserved]
Subpart I—6-Year-Old Child
Subpart J—9-Month-Old Child
Subpart K—Newborn Infant
Subpart L—Free Motion Headform
Subpart M—Side Impact Hybrid 50th Percentile Male
Subpart N—Hybrid III 6-Year Old Child Test Dummy, Beta Version
Subpart O—Hybrid III 5th Percentile Female Test Dummy, Alpha Version
Subpart P—3-Year-Old Child Crash Test Dummy, Alpha Version
Subpart R—CRABI 12-Month-Old Infant Crash Test Dummy, Alpha Version

Part 573: Defect and Noncompliance Reports
Part 574: Tire Identification and Record Keeping
Part 575:

Consumer Information Regulations

Subpart B—Consumer Information Items:

103—Truck Camper Loading
104—Uniform Tire Quality Grading Standards
105—Vehicle Rollover*

Part 577: Defect and Noncompliance Notification
Part 579: Defect and Noncompliance Responsibility
Part 580: Odometer Disclosure Requirements
Part 581: Bumper Standard
Part 582: Insurance Cost Information Regulation
Part 583: Automobile Parts Content Labeling
Part 591: Importation of Vehicles and Equipment Subject to Federal Safety, Bumper, and
Theft Prevention Standards
Part 595: Retrofit On-Off Switches for Air Bags

Subpart B—Retrofit On-Off Switches for Air Bags
Subpart C—Vehicle Modifications to Accommodate People With Disabilities**
*Amended FMVSS; **New FMVSS

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