Child Safety Seat Ease of Use Ratings


Are All Seats Safe?
All car seats rated by NHTSA meet Federal Safety Standards & strict crash performance standards. While all rated seats are safe, they do differ in their ease of use in four basic catagories:


Evaluation of Instructions

Vehicle Installation Features

Evaluation of Labels

Securing the Child


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Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 (RF)



Manufacturer  /  Model NameMaxi-Cosi Pria 70
Model Number  /  Manufacture DateCC034INT  /  Dec 10, 2011
Harness Type5-pt
Weight  /  Height4lb - 40lb / up to 40"
Evaluation of Labels 3 stars
There is no picture of a child in the child restraint on the labels. No additional sizing information is given. Harness slot height adjustment information is given, but it may be difficult to read. Labels do not illustrate how to remove and prepare LATCH
Evaluation of Instructions 5 stars
No full picture exists of a properly restrained child in the restraint in the owner's manual.  No additional sizing information is given in the owner's manual.  The LATCH attachments arrive stored, and the owner's manual does not describe how to remove th
Securing the Child 2 stars
The restraint was not set for the smallest possible occupant. Harness slots in the pad and in the shell are misaligned or small.  There is a head hugger or body pillow blocking the harness slots in the shell from being easily visible.  The harness must be
Installation Features 1 stars
Interference is possible between a seat component and the belt routing system.  A printed/molded line is present on the restraint that must be leveled to the ground.  There are not three levels of built-in recline available.  The LATCH storage area is not
Overall Ease of Use Rating 2 stars

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