Child Safety Seat Ease of Use Ratings


Are All Seats Safe?
All car seats rated by NHTSA meet Federal Safety Standards & strict crash performance standards. While all rated seats are safe, they do differ in their ease of use in four basic catagories:


Evaluation of Instructions

Vehicle Installation Features

Evaluation of Labels

Securing the Child


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Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat G2 (RF)



Manufacturer  /  Model NameOrbit Baby Infant Car Seat G2
Model Number  /  Manufacture DateORB822000  /  Dec 6, 2011
Harness Type5-pt
Weight  /  Height4lb - 30lb / 19" - 32"
Evaluation of Labels 2 stars
There is no picture of a child in the child restraint on the labels. Restraint is not depicted in a rear vehicle seat in the label illustrations. Labels do not illustrate how to remove and prepare LATCH attachments for use. Labels do not remind the user t
Evaluation of Instructions 5 stars
Securing the Child 4 stars
Harness slots in the pad and in the shell are misaligned or small.  There is a head hugger or body pillow blocking the harness slots in the shell from being easily visible.  The harness must be rethreaded to adjust height for the child's growth.
Installation Features 4 stars
The restraint's belt-positioning features are simple to use, but the caregiver may need to refer to the manual for more information.  There are not three levels of built-in recline available.  LATCH attachments have buttons to depress for removal.  There
Overall Ease of Use Rating 4 stars

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