Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks in Washington State

Public Awareness Survey Form

This Department of Licensing office is assisting the Washington Traffic Safety Commission in a study about highway safety in Washington. Your answers to the following questions are voluntary and anonymous. Please complete the survey and then put it in the drop box or hand it back to the agent


1. Your sex: check box Male   check box Female         2. Your Zip Code: _______________________

3. Your age: check box Under 21     check box 21-25     check box 26-39     check box 40-49     check box 50-59     check box 60 Plus

4. Your race: check box White     check box Black     check box Asian     check box Native American     check box Other

5. Are you of Spanish/Hispanic origin?      check box Yes     check box No

6. About how many miles did you drive last year?

     check box Less than 5,000     check box 5,000 to 10,000     check box 10,001 to 15,000     check box More than 15,000

7. What type of vehicle do you drive most often?

     check boxPassenger car     check box Pickup truck     check box Semi truck     check box Sport utility vehicle     check box Mini-van
     check box Full-van     check box Other

8. How often do you use seat belts when you drive or ride in a car, van, sport utility vehicle or pick up?

     check boxAlways     check box Nearly always     check box Sometimes     check box Seldom     check box Never

9. Have you ever driven a truck?

     check boxNever      check box A few times total      check box Used to drive a truck regularly      check box Drive trucks now

10. In the past two months, have you changed your driving behavior around trucks?

     check box Yes

If yes, what did you change? (Check all that apply):
     check box
I leave more space when passing     check box I don’t follow as closely    
     check box I stay out of the truck driver’s blind spots
     check box Other _______________________________________________________

     check box No

11. How strictly do you think the Washington State Patrol enforces unsafe driving acts around trucks?

     check box Very strictly      check box Somewhat strictly      check box Not very strictly      check box Rarely      check box Not at all

12. Have you ever been stopped by the police for tailgating or cutting off a semi truck?

     check box Yes, I got a ticket      check box Yes, I got a warning      check box No

For Questions 13 and 14, please answer in either feet or car lengths but not both  

13. When I pass a car on an interstate highway, I leave ________feet or _____ car lengths before I pull back in.

14. When I pass a semi truck on an interstate highway, I leave ________feet or _____ car lengths before I pull back in.

15. Have you recently read, seen or heard anything about giving semi trucks more space when you pass them?

     check box Yes

If yes, where did you see or hear about it? (Check all that apply):
     check box Newspaper      check box Radio      check box TV      check box Road sign      check box Brochure
     check box Police      check box Billboard      check box Poster      check box Banner

If yes,what did it say? ______________________________________________

     check box No

16. Do you know the name of any programs related to safety around semi trucks in Washington? (check all that apply):
     check box Share the Road      check box Click It or Ticket      check boxTACT      check box Give Big Rigs Big Space
     check box Leave Room When Passing