Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks in Washington State


Project Goals

Goal 1: To test the effectiveness of high visibility enforcement in reducing high-risk unsafe driving behaviors that contribute to CMV crashes.

Goal 2: To document unsafe driving behaviors around CMVs by both CMV and passenger vehicle drivers. The specific driving behavior targeted was cutting off large trucks. Other behaviors targeted were tailgating, speeding, and aggressive driving.

Goal 3: To measure public awareness of the combined campaign of enforcement, paid and earned media, and outreach.

Goal 4: To develop a model that is replicable in other States.

The WTSC established a Steering Committee for the project. Stakeholders who served on the Steering Committee for this project included representatives from NHTSA (national office and Pacific Northwest Region), FMCSA (national office and Seattle office), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), WSP Commercial Vehicle Division, Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs who represented local law enforcement, the Washington Trucking Association, and the Washington State Department of Transportation Data Office and the Roadway Signage Office. Participants from WTSC included the deputy director, research investigator, public information officer, accountant, project manager, and committee assistant. The Steering Committee met monthly from October 2004 through October 2005.