Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks in Washington State


General Comments

In developing and implementing a high visibility enforcement project that addresses the interaction of passenger and commercial vehicles, it is essential to develop an action plan. This plan should include among other things, a detailed schedule for each emphasis period, enforcement and communication strategies and activities, an evaluation plan, and resources needed.

One example of where further planning would have been helpful was in selection of the intervention and comparison corridors. In setting up the corridors, there were a variety of problems encountered such as trying to arrange for posting of road signs at the end of the State fiscal year, interruptions with road maintenance, work zone projects and other complicating factors.

As other States conduct similar projects it is important to secure the skills and expertise of law enforcement, communication specialists, evaluators and critical State and local partners to insure success. It is also critical that sufficient resources be allocated for the program to be able to communicate the correct message to the target audience and insure the commitment of law enforcement to the program.