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1998 Motor Vehicle Occupant Safety Survey
Methodology Report
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November 22, 1999
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John Boyle, Ph.D. and Kevin Sharp, M.A.

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Schulman, Ronca & Bucuvalas, Inc.
8403 Colesville Road, Ste. 820
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Office of Research and Traffic Records
400 7th St. S.W

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Final Report

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This is the Methodology Report for the 1998 Motor Vehicle Occupant Safety Survey. The survey is conducted on a biennial basis (initiated in 1994), and is administered by telephone to a randomly selected national sample. Two questionnaires are used, each administered to approximately 4,000 respondents aged 16 and older. The survey collects information concerning attitudes, knowledge, and behavior in different occupant protection and highway safety areas. These include seat belts, child safety seats, air bags, (bicyclist and motorcyclist) helmet use, Emergency Medical Services, and crash injury experiences. The field period for the survey was from November 5, 1998 to January 12, 1999.

This document describes the methodology used to conduct the survey. It also contains copies of both the English and Spanish language versions of the questionnaires. NHTSA will issue a series of reports during 1999 and 2000 summarizing results from the survey.

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occupant protection   safety belts
car seats                     airbags
survey                        methodology

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Document is available through the
National Technical Information Service,
Springfield, VA 22161

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