Traffic Crashes Take Their Toll on America's Rural Roads



The Critical Need for Active, Ongoing Seat Belt Use Programs in Rural Areas

Environmental Factors and Conditions
Crash Factors and Unrestrained Occupants
The Benefits of Seat Belt Use
Low Ranking Belt Users

Increasing Seat Belt Use Rates In Rural Communities

Seat Belt Use Data
The Importance of Primary Seat Belt Laws
Improving Secondary Seat Belt Laws

Forming Private-Public Sector Partnerships
        Multi-Sector Traffic Safety Teams
        Injury Prevention Organizations
        Conducting High-Visibility Enforcement
        Click It or Ticket
Dispelling Concerns about Enforcing Seat Belt Laws in Rural Areas
        Other Special Seat Belt Enforcement Programs

Communications Strategies

Programs for Youth
Programs to Reach Pickup Truck Drivers

Making the Case for Your Rural Seat Belt Programs

Gather the Facts
Tailor the Buckle Up America Approach
Don't Wait
Contacts and Resources

Appendix A: Seat Belt Observation Data Collection Form

Appendix B: Sample In-Person/Public Opinion Survey