Rural Pickup Truck Drivers and Safety Belt Use: Focus Group Report



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Reasons Given for Not Wearing Their Safety Belts

The Detroit, Atlanta and Great Falls participants were polled at the end of the sessions ( both Texas groups ran long and did not provide this information). They were asked to give the main reasons they do not wear their safety belts and to describe the time and places where they do not wear them. Of the 50 anonymous responses, half (25) gave behavioral reasons for not wearing their safety belt such as not remembering, laziness, not wanting to take the time or habit related. Another 40 percent (20) gave reasons that had to do with comfort. Of the 41 responses to the second question, 31 said they did not buckle up on short drives, on local roads, and in the neighborhood.

Main Reason for Not Wearing Your Safety Belt

Don't think or remember to put on 13

Uncomfortable 12

Habit or bad habit 6

Confining or restrictive or too tight 5

In a hurry, no time 4

Don't like them 3

Hassle, bothersome 3

Lazy, don't care 2

Trucks are safer than cars 1

Dirty from farm use 1

Times or Places You Don't Wear Safety Belt

Local road, neighborhood
Short distances
Everywhere I drive
On way to work
In a hurry, in and out
Nice weather


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