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How to Implement a Community-Based Designated Driver Program

  Program Planning
  Program Marketing

Tips for Specific Groups


  Educators/College Groups
  Criminal Justice
  Medical and Health Care Community
  Hospitality Industry and Retailers
  Armed Forces

Publicity and Promotion
  Working with the Media
  Calendar of Year Round Ideas
  Media Q&A

  Partners and Resources

  • Dont forget about designating a sober driver or planning to get a safe ride when you are on vacation.
  • Encourage businesses at your favorite vacation spots to start Designated Driver programs.
  • Start your own Safe Communities coalition.
  • Promote Zero Tolerance Means Zero Chances at back-to-school orientations.

  • Contact employers and local businesses and encourage them to distribute promotional campaign materials in employees paychecks.
  • Promote Designated Driver and Safe Ride programs in coordination with the start of the football season (see Dry-er Friar program on page 7).
  • Participate in Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) Drive Safely to Work Week Campaign.
  • Promote Labor Day Designated Driver and Safe Ride programs.
  • Throw a Halloween party to remember. Encourage your guests to eat and control their alcohol consumption by having one person pour drinks. Avoid open bars and self-serve alcoholic punch bowls.
  • Serve mocktails at your homecoming and college football parties.
  • Encourage the traditional after dinner nap on Thanksgiving, especially for those who have been drinking.


  • Hold a 3D Prevention Month event.
  • Urge local employers to provide safe transportation from holiday parties.
  • Make sure your holiday party is a hit. Have lots of food and activities to draw the attention away from the hot toddies and eggnog.
  • Place a basket by the door where guests can drop their keys.
  • Encourage residents to place Designated Driver and Safe Ride messages on their party invitations.
  • Serve non-alcoholic champagne at your New Years Eve party.
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