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How to Implement a Community-Based Designated Driver Program

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Implementing a Designated Driver program for educators and drinking-age college students can be done fairly easily by involving campus organizations and local businesses. Here are some ideas:


Professors and other education professionals serve as role models to the young adults whose lives they touch. Educators usually develop strong lines of communication with students, which makes them good candidates to help promote existing programs, or just to encourage college students to make smart decisions concerning drinking and designating sober drivers. A few ideas educators can use are:

  • Distribute literature in classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Give short presentations promoting the use of Designated Drivers in dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses and campus clubs.
  • Place extra emphasis on specific periods in the school year, such as homecoming, fraternity/sorority rush periods, midterms, holiday breaks and graduation week.
  • Educate students on the effects drugs and alcohol have on someone's ability to drive.

Campus organizations and student groups can develop their own programs by volunteering their services and using available resources to spread the word about Designated Drivers. To get involved:
  • Use "grass-roots" promotions (flyers, kiosks, and posters) to promote messages in highly populated student areas as well as at local bars and restaurants.
  • Student organizations can volunteer drivers to help impaired individuals return home. (Volunteer services such as this should be approved by university officials, as well as local law enforcement to rule out any legal and/or liability concerns that may arise.)
  • Approach your student government or college administration about using student fees to help fund a Designated Driver program.
  • Conduct fundraising activities to help fund a Designated Driver program.
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