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How to Implement a Community-Based Designated Driver Program

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Businesses are likely to support your efforts if they see that their money or services are producing some measurable effect for your program. The Washington Regional Alcohol Program's (WRAP) Northern Virginia based SoberRide program has provided more than 10,000 free cab rides home to would-be drunk drivers since 1993. The program's largest quantifiable source of volunteer support comes from its dispatching partner, Red Top Cab of Arlington, Virginia.

For each holiday period when SoberRide is offered, Red Top Cab provides the donated support of at least three communications operators and one dispatcher per day to handle the hundreds of calls that come in to SoberRide's 800 number. It's estimated that Red Top Cab contributes more than $12,000 per year in support of SoberRide in the form of personnel and free taxi service. Approximately 1,500 taxi cab drivers from seven jurisdictions take part in each Sober Ride campaign.

Evidence of SoberRide's viability is its dramatic growth; its ridership has increased by more than 26 percent just from 1998 to 1999. In tandem with SoberRide's growth – and its efforts to rid Northern Virginia's roads of impaired drivers – alcohol and drug-related traffic fatalities in Northern Virginia have also steadily declined. The number of alcohol and drug-related traffic fatalities in Northern Virginia has dropped for a third year in a row.

This highly successful partnership between a community group and a local business is evidence of the effectiveness of gaining the support of businesses when starting a Designated Driver or Safe Ride program. Developing relationships with local businesses strengthens the partner's ties to the community and helps provide longevity, commitment and support.

For more information contact WRAP at (703) 893-0461.


The Radisson Hotel in Princeton, New Jersey recognizes that offering their guests a safe ride home is often a key factor in winning new business. "In fact, we won a huge 40th birthday bash for our ballroom and the host told me that the free shuttle service we offered their guest was the deciding factor in choosing our facility," said a former Director of Catering.

The Radisson Hotel Princeton pays special attention to making sure its guests are safe. In addition to offering shuttle service as part of catering and room contracts, they also offer the following:

  • All banquets are offered a round-trip shuttle service at a discounted rate.
  • The hotel shuttle van will pick up and drop off New Year's Eve party-goers within a 10-mile radius.
  • The hotel restaurant has a policy of calling a cab or, if available, offering a ride home in the shuttle van to patrons who live within a 10-mile radius.
For more information contact Heather Joie, Sales and Catering, at (609) 452-2400.


Founded in 1985, TEAM is a broad-based coalition of public and private sector organizations that include members such as Major League Baseball, National Collegiate Athletic Association and FOX Sports. TEAM works to ensure guest safety and enjoyment at public assembly facilities by: promoting responsible alcohol service and consumption; reducing alcohol-related incidents within the facility and the occurrence of alcohol-impaired driving after the event. The centerpiece of TEAM's effort is its highly regarded responsible alcohol management training program for facility operations and concessionaire managers.

For more information contact TEAM's Executive Secretariat at 301-272-2463.

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