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How to Implement a Community-Based Designated Driver Program

  Program Planning
  Program Marketing

Tips for Specific Groups


  Educators/College Groups
  Criminal Justice
  Medical and Health Care Community
  Hospitality Industry and Retailers
  Armed Forces

Publicity and Promotion
  Working with the Media
  Calendar of Year Round Ideas
  Media Q&A

  Partners and Resources

Think About It

SADD is sponsoring a year-round Teen Safety Campaign to deter underage drinking, drug use and impaired driving. This campaign will run four times a year to target when teens are most at risk. Materials will be distributed to all SADD chapters with instructions on forming partnerships with law enforcement, the courts, parents, private businesses and other important community entities. For more information, contact the SADD National Office at (877) SADDINC or check out their web site at


Straight Down the Road

This brochure discusses the social, legal and personal consequences of being arrested while riding your motorcycle impaired.
DOT HS 808 442 (Order # 6P0089)


Impaired Driving in the United States –State Cost Fact Sheets

Under a grant with the National Public Services Research Institute (NPSRI), fact sheets were developed on the economic costs of alcohol-related crashes on a state-by-state basis, and the effectiveness of impaired driving laws on the number of alcohol-related crashes. State Fact Sheets are available only on NHTSA's website at


You're Not A Kid Anymore

This brochure targets motorcycle riders age 25 and younger. It provides a series of facts about safe riding with an emphasis on riding sober. Riders are urged to ride with the headlight on, wear a helmet and proper eye gear as well as appropriate clothing.
DOT HS 808 443 (Order # 6P0098)


Riding Straight

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, with support from NHTSA, has revised the impaired riding module of the Motorcycle RiderCourse: Riding and Street Skills®. Riding Straight is a 12-minute video addressing the effects of alcohol on the skills needed to safely operate a motorcycle and discussing ways peers can tactfully prevent friends from riding impaired. The accompanying Riding Straight: Leader's Guide provides information to individuals wishing to deliver a stand-alone program addressing impaired riding. The Leader's Guide includes a sample flyer and press release, a reproducible work sheet, a summary of the video's major points, and suggested topics to cover in a group discussion. For additional information contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, 2 Jenner Street, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618-3812. Phone: (949) 727-3227.


D.E.A.D. (Drinking and Driving Ends All), "Shattered Dreams," A Guide for Program Planners

This planner features tips and ideas for schools planning underage drinking prevention activities. It also presents guidelines for an overnight leadership retreat for the student volunteers representing those who died to simulate students and their families the experience of their being gone after a death. At the retreat, counselors and other mental health professionals help students process their experiences.
DOT HS 808 976 (Order # 2P1069)


Zero Tolerance Means Zero Chances Peer Action Guide

This Peer Action Kit is designed to provide groups conducting Zero Tolerance activities with the resources they need to effectively plan and promote their events, including the program brochure, resource guide, media guide, fact sheets, talking points, logo sheets, and camera-ready artwork for hand-out fliers and print public service announcements. Copies can be ordered by visiting the NHTSA Web site at
DOT HS 809 034 (Order # 2P1078)

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