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How to Implement a Community-Based Designated Driver Program

  Program Planning
  Program Marketing

Tips for Specific Groups


  Educators/College Groups
  Criminal Justice
  Medical and Health Care Community
  Hospitality Industry and Retailers
  Armed Forces

Publicity and Promotion
  Working with the Media
  Calendar of Year Round Ideas
  Media Q&A

  Partners and Resources

Make Your Parties Rock Substance-Free, A Guide to Safe & Sober Event Planning

NHTSA and NOYS developed a year-round party planner to assist in throwing the best parties. This "Guide to Safe and Sober Event Planning" provides an assortment of information to make parties a success such as task lists, promotional ideas, activities and party settings, ideas for themes, and resources for the event including posters and logos.
DOT HS 809 270 (Order # 9P0031)


MADD National Sobriety Checkpoint Week Program Guide

This provides suggestions for working with law enforcement, the community, the media and local corporations to conduct sobriety checkpoints. It contains sample documents, as well as examples of successful past checkpoint programs. For more information, contact MADD National at: P.O. Box 541688, Dallas, TX 75354-1688, 1-(800) GET-MADD. Or visit the MADD Website at


Community How to Guides on Underage Drinking Prevention

Nine guides were developed in partnership with the National Association of Governors' Highway Safety Representatives as a part of the Underage Drinking Prevention Project that was launched in 1995. The Community Guides take into account what was learned throughout the project and are intended to assist other advocates who want to implement a comprehensive program. The new publications were designed to assist communities not only with the underage drinking problem, but with any community-based advocacy effort. The guides advise local advocates on how to deal with the following issues: Coalition Building; Needs Assessment/Strategic Planning; Enforcement; Prevention/Education; Public Policy; Media Relations; Evaluation; Self-Sufficiency; Resources.
DOT HS 809-209 (Order # 2P1059)


Alcohol Involvement in Fatal Crashes, 1999

This report provides estimates of alcohol involvement in fatal traffic crashes that occurred during 1999. It includes several comparisons of alcohol involvement for the period 1982-1999 to illustrate changes and trends. The data comes from the Fatality Analysis Report System (FARS) and represent a combination of actual blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test results and estimated BAC distribution for those drivers and nonoccupants where BAC test results are not available. This report can be found at:


Safe Communities Folio

NHTSA's Safe Communities tool kit contains materials that help implement local programs that target impaired driving and other traffic safety problems through Safe Community Coalitions.
DOT HS 808 578 (Order # 5P0026)


2000 Youth Fatal Crash and Alcohol Facts

This booklet takes a comprehensive look at the role of alcohol in crashes involving teens and young adults. It analyzes statistics and trends over the past five years and provides general facts pertaining to the how, who, when and where of alcohol related crashes in 1999.
DOT HS 809 406 (Order # 2P1093)

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