Description of A Mayoral Proclamation

Proclamation Contents:

A Mayoral Proclamation 

WHEREAS, the Shattered Dreams program with the theme of Drinking and Driving Ends All Dreams (D.E.A.D.) has the goal of educating young people through an experience to simulate the process of maturity through mourning, 

WHEREAS, youth and other citizens are bombarded with messages that youthfulness is preferable to maturity,

WHEREAS, role models for youth created by the popular media often represent those who do not save, do not wait, do not restrain inhibitions, and appear invincible in their fictional lives, 

WHEREAS, such popular culture role models have lifestyles that are unrealistic compared to the lives of most young people and their families, 

WHEREAS, elders with first-hand experience in life can be the most effective sources of guidance for youth, 

the honorable Mayor (fill-in area for mayor’s name) 

of the City of (fill-in area for city and state) 

officially proclaims today, (fill-in area to include day and date) 

as Shattered Dreams Program Day. This proclamation is made in recognition of the efforts of those in the (fill-in area for School District) and others in the community who demonstrate their dedication to the health, education, and life of all citizens through the sponsorship of this alcohol-education program.

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