A Review of New York State's STOP-DWI Program


Traffic Safety in New York

New York State is recognized nationally as a leader in traffic safety, in particular for its continual progress in reducing alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. Figure 1 illustrates New York State’s progress, in comparison to the United States, in reducing the alcohol-related fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled (VMT) for the period 1982-2002. While both have experienced a downward trend through the years, New York’s fatality rate has declined at a significantly greater rate than that of the United States. In 2002, the New York fatality rate was 0.36 versus 0.61 for the United States.

Figure 1. Alcohol-Related Fatality Rates Per 100 Million VMT, New York State versus
United States 1982-2002.

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Data source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (National Center for Statistics and Analysis), 2003.

Over the years, New York has significantly reduced the number of alcohol-related fatalities and injuries in the State. Since 1982, alcohol-related fatalities alone have fallen 54 percent from 1,131 to 520 in 2002. New York State currently has one of the lowest alcohol-related fatality rates per 100 million VMT in the United States, illustrated by Figure 2 (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2003).

Figure 2. Alcohol-Related Fatalities Per 100 Million VMT by State, 2002.

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