A Review of New York State's STOP-DWI Program

STOP-DWI Program History

The New York Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated (STOP-DWI) is the Nation’s first and, to date, only self-sustaining impaired driving program. The mission of the STOP-DWI program is to empower and coordinate local efforts to reduce alcohol and other drug-related traffic crashes within the context of a comprehensive and financially self-sustaining statewide alcohol and highway safety program (New York State STOP-DWI Coordinators Association, 2002). The program’s goal is to achieve these reductions through the creation and funding of programs relating to enforcement, prosecution, probation, rehabilitation, public information, education, and administration.

Founded in 1981, this program is locally based across New York’s 62 counties. There are 58 STOP-DWI programs in the State. The New York City counties are administered as one program, serving five boroughs: Manhattan (New York County), the Bronx, Brooklyn (Kings County), and Queens and Staten Island (Richmond County). Refer to Figure 3 for map of New York counties.

Figure 3. Map of New York Counties (N = 62).

Figure 3 - click for long description

Data source: United States Census Bureau, 2003.

New York is one of the largest States in America, covering more than 47,000 square miles with an estimated population in 2003 of approximately 19,158,000 residents. (Roughly 42 percent of the State’s population reside in the five boroughs of New York City). The resident population is 57 percent female and 68 percent Caucasian; however, it is much more diverse with regard to ethnicity in the New York City metropolitan region. Approximately 25 percent of New York residents are younger than 18 while 13 percent are 65 and older. In 1999, the median household income was approximately $43,400 with a per capita income of $23,389 (United States Census Bureau, 2003). For this analysis, county-level population and resource data will be examined rather than using administrative boundaries.