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What Should We Do?

Once you have the basics in place, its time to focus on settings, themes and activities. Get input from a large group of people. It's best to plan a lot of activities, especially those that keep you moving, like contests and dancing. The most successful parties provide intense natural stimulation on a variety of levels that make the artificial stimulation of alcohol and other drugs pale in comparison.


Each community has its own assets when it comes to choosing activities. So look at the special benefits that your area has to offer and get lots of input from your friends. In addition to being substance-free, the most memorable events bring everyone together for a common experience.

Teenage boy with sunglassesThe following are some successful settings, themes and activities to help you get started with your own plans. Take advantage of the variety of places to gather friends together.

Sweet Settings

Great party sites can be found in every community. With decorations and your friends, you can turn just about any place into the place to be. Here are a few low-cost ideas to get you started:

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