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If you are planning your event through a sponsored group, chances are your school is already partnered in the groupís activities. Involving school personnel can be critical to the success of your activities, not only for the initial promotion, but also for providing resources and support.

Contact your school's administration early in your planning process and find out the best way to obtain the support of teachers and other school administrators. Here are some ways teachers and school administration can provide lots of help:

Teachers and counselors can also be helpful in tying in other alcohol prevention messages into your activities.

Presentations can be given before events to show the tragedy that has affected so many of todayís youth because of under-age drinking. Current laws regarding under-age drinking can be highlighted, as well as the repercussions for breaking those laws.

Why should your school support your efforts?

Here are a few good reasons you can use to convince your teachers and administrators to help you:

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